Sketchpad Resources

Sketchpad's resources include activities for your classroom and professional development for your teaching career. Sketchpad's Learning Center—available through the Help menu—is loaded with tutorials, tips, and sample activities. You can browse Sketch Exchange, a free, online community for sharing sketches to get ideas from your peers. Get ready to see math in a whole new way.

With Sketchpad, students are able to measure lengths of segments, measures of angles, area, perimeter, and more. They can also use tools that allow them to create objects in relation to selected objects. The transform function allows the user to create points in relation to objects, which include distance, angle, ratio, and others. With these tools, one can create numerous different objects, measure them, and potentially figure out hard-to-solve math problems.

Online Tutorials

Online tutorials take you from basic constructions to custom transformations.

Free Activities

Classroom-tested activities for Grades 3 through Calculus include detailed Activity Notes, step-by-step Student Worksheets, and ready-to-use sketches.

Advanced Sketch Gallery

The Advanced Sketch Gallery is a collection of sketches featuring advanced mathematical concepts, custom tools, and striking visualizations.


JavaSketchpad (JSP) is software that lets you interact with—or publish—sketches from The Geometer's Sketchpad on the Internet.

Sketch Exchange

Share ideas, sketches, and questions with your peers in the Sketchpad community.

Dynamic Number

The Dynamic Number project focuses on number, operation, and early algebra and features 70 free Sketchpad activities for grades 2–11.