TinkerPlots Support

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For help installing TinkerPlots on your computer or network, and information about registering and deregistering TinkerPlots:

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Using TinkerPlots

In early 2014, McGraw-Hill Education returned ownership of TinkerPlots to its original developers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. At this time, McGraw-Hill Education is no longer able to process orders for the software.

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The most current version of TinkerPlots is 2.1.

To see what version of Tinkerplots you have installed, launch TinkerPlots, choose Help | About TinkerPlots (on a PC) or TinkerPlots | About TinkerPlots (on a Mac), and read the version number in the pop-up window.

If your version of TinkerPlots is not up-to-date, choose Help | Check for Updates to access a link to download the latest version. Updating your software is free and often solves minor technical issues.

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