Advanced Sketch Gallery

The Advanced Sketch Gallery is a collection of sketches featuring advanced mathematical concepts, custom tools, and striking visualizations, created by Sketchpad users around the world. They are arranged loosely by these topics: Toolkits, 3D Explorations, Beyond Euclid, Machines and Mechanisms, and Other Explorations.

The sketches are all available for download at Sketch Exchange for your personal or classroom use, but are copyrighted by their authors.


Toolkit documents contain collections of custom tools you may find useful in your own explorations. These include:

  • Knot Toolkit
  • Advanced Graphing Toolkit
  • Piecewise Function Toolkit
  • 3D Plotting Toolkit
  • 3D Invisibility Toolkit
  • Advanced Tools
  • Boolean Tools

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3D Explorations

Although Sketchpad's native domain is the geometry of the plane rather than the geometry of space, many sketches construct the projection of higher-dimensional mathematical models onto the two dimensions of the computer screen. These sketches are available:

  • Conic Connections
  • 3D Gallery
  • Icosahedron
  • 3D Toolkit

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Beyond Euclid

Sketchpad is based largely on a Euclidean view of geometry. However, it is possible to both model other geometries within Euclidean geometry, and to use non-Euclidean capabilities in Sketchpad (such as the Calculator) to explore alternate geometries within Sketchpad. This section offers some examples:

  • Minkowskian Geometry
  • Poincare Disk Model of Hyperbolic Geometry
  • Elliptical/Spherical Toolkit
  • Euler’s Formula and the Complex Plane
  • Half Plane Model of Hyperbolic Geometry

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Machines and Mechanisms

Sketchpad provides an excellent medium for prototyping, visualizing, and demonstrating "mathematical machinery" of all forms. These sketches contain some ambitious mechanical constructions:

  • Animated Billboard
  • Linkage Library

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Other Explorations

These sketches illustrate other unusual or advanced topics in Sketchpad:

  • Euler’s Formula and the Complex Plane
  • Statistics Collection
  • Rainbow Investigation
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Fractal Gallery
  • 360 Triangle Centers
  • Penrose Deflation

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