TinkerPlots Resources

Getting started with TinkerPlots® Dynamic Data Exploration is fun and easy. Watch instructional movies, work through tutorials or classroom activities, sign up for an upcoming free webinar, or explore archived webinars. If you want to go further, try additional activity modules or an online course.

“TinkerPlots is easy-to-use technology that will have students engaged immediately! The time is now to change the way our students think of math. I can't wait to show my pre-service teachers another innovative tool to capture a generation that is so technology savvy.” – Asha Hill, teacher, Georgia Highlands College

Instructional Movies

Get started by watching one or more of ten movies introducing TinkerPlots functionality.


Build your skills by working through one or more of four tutorials.

Free Activities and Resources

TinkerPlots activities help you address grades 4–9 data, statistics, and probability standards.