TinkerPlots Dynamic Data Exploration

Develop your students' understanding of data, numbers, probability, and graphs with TinkerPlots® Dynamic Data Exploration software. TinkerPlots is designed to get students in grades 4–9 excited about what they can learn from data, and its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to learn and fun to use.

I had the opportunity to introduce my students to TinkerPlots yesterday. I knew they'd like it, but I was not prepared for the excited and enthusiastic response it got. There were kids who wanted to know how to buy the program for themselves! Can you imagine...kids wanting an educational program, especially one that is not disguised as a video game. There was even a chant of "TinkerPlots, TinkerPlots" at the end of one of the classes. I'm stunned. —Devin Hess, Community School of the East Bay, Oakland, CA

You and your students will analyze data—from the physical and biological sciences, social sciences, current events, or historical events—by creating colorful visual representations that will help your students make sense of real data and recognize patterns as they unfold. With its new sampler engine, TinkerPlots is also the optimal tool to help your students master probability and statistics concepts listed in the Common Core State Standards.

Free Resources

TinkerPlots comes with over 20 activities and dozens of data sets from the physical and biological sciences, social sciences, the health field, and historical events. Online tutorials and how-to videos support you in learning the software.

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  • Research about how younger students learn to reason about data, and how experts approach data differently from ordinary people or novices, has influenced both the design of TinkerPlots and the type of data and activities included with it.

  • 2010 Best Educational Software (BESSIE) Award, ComputED Learning Center

    2008 Education Software Review (EDDIE) Award, ComputED Learning Center

    Parents' Choice Silver Honor, Parents' Choice Foundation
    Review (link)

    Award of Excellence, Technology & Learning magazine
    Review (link)

    The Representational Value of Hats (.pdf)
    By Jane Watson, et al.
    Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, August 2008

  • TinkerPlots 2 is a downloadable application that can be installed over a network.


    • Pentium-based system or equivalent
    • Windows XP or later
    • 300 MB free disk space


    • PowerPC or Intel-based system
    • Mac OS 10.4 or later
    • 300 MB free disk space