Sketchpad Activity Modules

The perfect complement to The Geometer's Sketchpad®, the Sketchpad 5 activity modules allow your students to explore concepts related to the Common Core State Standards using a rich, hands-on, powerful learning tool.

The Sketchpad activities included in each module introduce both students and teachers to the benefits of using Dynamic Geometry® software. In addition to supporting the Standards for Mathematical Practice, the activities address concepts in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Content, guiding you to successfully implement the standards as your students benefit from hands-on learning.

Teaching Tools:

  • Each module is accompanied by an access code that allows you to download a collection of Sketchpad sketches.
  • Many activities include sketches designed for use with an interactive whiteboard or projector, and Presenter Notes that help you lead a class discussion.
  • Activity Notes guide you in introducing the sketch, exploring mathematical concepts with students through interactive models or constructions, and anticipating student questions and responses.
  • Student Worksheets give students step-by-step guidance, and pose "what-if" questions that promote deeper exploration and understanding.

Note: Sketchpad is sold separately.

Elementary School Activities explore concepts from numbers, operations, geometry, and measurements for Grades 3–5.

Activities for Grades 6–8 explore ratio, proportion, probability, equations, expressions, and geometry.

Transform your teaching of algebra 1 and algebra 2, precalculus, calculus—and yes, geometry!