Electronic Publishing

Alberti's Perspective Construction: Tony Phillips' American Mathematical Society "What's New in Mathematics" feature column on Alberti's Perspective Construction [USA].

Alfinio Flores' Dynamic Illustrations: Alfinio Flores' dynamic illustrations for his article "A Rhythmic Approach to Geometry" in Teaching Mathematics in the Middle School [USA].

The Lester Circle: An exposition and analysis of the Lester circle passing through a triangle's circumcenter, nine-point center, and first and second Fermat points, by Dr. June Lester, its discoverer [Canada].

Isohedral Tilings by Symmetric Polygonal Tiles: A catalog of Isohedral Tilings by Symmetric Polygonal Tiles, to accompany the paper "One Corona Is Enough for the Euclidean Plane," by Doris Schattschneider and Nikolai Dolbilin, in "Quasicrystals and Discrete Geometry," J. Patera, editor, The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences Monograph Series, Vol. 10. [USA/Russia].