About JavaSketchpad

JavaSketchpad (JSP) is software that lets you interact with—or publish—sketches from The Geometer's Sketchpad on the Internet. The Geometer's Sketchpad is a Dynamic Geometry exploration environment available for Macintosh and PC computers from Key Curriculum. If you are not familiar with The Geometer's Sketchpad, you might want to learn more about this desktop software before exploring JavaSketchpad.

You can use JavaSketchpad to share your geometry work (or your students' work) with people who may not have desktop Sketchpad or who use computers that can't access desktop Sketchpad (like most UNIX machines). You can use JavaSketchpad to distribute interactive, Dynamic Geometry activities and curricula over the Internet. Advanced users, programmers, and mathematical researchers can even use JavaSketchpad to add Dynamic Geometry visualization to other software or problem contexts.

If you have a Java-enabled web browser, you can visit the JavaSketchpad gallery for some examples of JavaSketchpad in use.

Many of the core ideas and the preliminary prototype of JavaSketchpad emerged from research funded in part by the National Science Foundation (awards DMI-9561674 & 9623018). Opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily shared by the NSF.

Differences Between Sketchpad and JavaSketchpad

If you are familiar with only The Geometer's Sketchpad, or only JavaSketchpad, you may want to know how the two applications are different, both from a user's perspective and an author's perspective.

Differences Between Sketchpad and JavaSketchpad

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Creating and Publishing JavaSketches

The following page describes options for how to create and publish your own JavaSketches.

How to Create and Publish JavaSketches

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Applet Mechanics

The following page contains some details on the mechanics of the JavaSketchpad applet.

How JavaSketchpad Works

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License Information

You may freely use the JavaSketchpad applet in your own web pages, provided you do so for non-commercial use only. Other permissions or rights to JavaSketchpad require a written agreement from McGraw-Hill Educaiton; contact McGraw-Hill Education for more information.

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