Getting Started with Sketchpad

Parabolas in SketchpadThe Geometer’s Sketchpad® is a powerful tool that’s fun and effective for exploring math concepts from elementary through calculus. Increase engagement and understanding with tangible, visible math. Here are some suggestions on how to get started using Sketchpad:

1.  Start by purchasing Sketchpad or downloading the free preview.

2.  Watch Movies:

  • Watch Sketchpad in Action at right to hear teachers and students describe Sketchpad.
  • Watch Why Teach with Sketchpad? to hear teachers describe how Sketchpad has impacted their classrooms.

3.  Work through Tutorials and Sketchpad Tips:

  • Work through tutorials accessed online or directly from Sketchpad by selecting Help | Using Sketchpad | Getting Started Tutorials.
  • To learn about specific how-to's, browse Sketchpad Tips online or directly from Sketchpad by selecting Help | Using Sketchpad | Sketchpad Tips.

4.  Browse More Videos and Activities:

  • Watch videos and read about using Sketchpad at various grade levels. Watch The Big Picture to learn more about the pedagogical approach of Sketchpad.
  • Check out ready-to-use classroom activities which include student worksheets, teacher activity notes, and sketches.  
  • Sketchpad Activity Modules covering math from grade 3 to Calculus are also available for purchase.
  • Explore the Learning Center in more depth, accessed online or directly from Sketchpad by selecting Help | Learning Center.

5.  Take an Online Course:

Register for a six-week moderated online course.

Download "Getting Started" PDF