Sketchpad Tutorials

Learn how to use Sketchpad while exploring central mathematical ideas. Each tutorial contains step-by-step instructions supported by online videos, and takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

“I am just beginning to use Sketchpad - it has wonderful dynamic features that I plan to begin using in the classroom in the Fall.” – Steve Levitt, Teacher, The Art Institute of New York City

Construct isosceles and equilateral triangles, gain familiarity with Sketchpad's tools, and learn how to change the size and color of objects.

Construct right triangles and parallelograms, create a multi-page sketch, use the drag test, and analyze constructions in a sketch.

Measure lengths and angles and use the measurements in calculations, create angle marks, and communicate results using Hot Text®

Collect measurement data in a table and plot them in a graph, adjust the scale of axes, measure slope, and plot a function to model data.

Plot a functional relationship and dynamically vary the input value, trace a point, create and animate a parameter, and graph a family of functions.

Create a moving kaleidoscope by constructing concentric circles, attaching a picture and rotating it, and building an animation button.

Translate a picture by a marked vector, reflect a picture over a line, and then create and apply a custom transformation.

Construct a square using several different methods, create a Hide/Show button, and create and save a custom tool.

Work with custom tools, construct an illustration of the Pythagorean theorem and then iterate the construction to create a fractal.

Rotate a picture by a marked angle, dilate the picture by a marked scale factor, and then create and apply a custom transformation.

Define a coordinate system based on a unit circle, use a trigonometric axis, and construct an animation that traces out a sine wave.

Construct a secant line, trace the path of a moving point, create a movement button, and compute and plot the derivative of a function.