Use tools strategically.

Your mathematics programs need to incorporate today's technology and the Common Core State Standards. Your staff needs professional development that helps them achieve the objectives of the Common Core. We can help.

Our dynamic mathematics software model math's big ideas in a colorful, dynamic environment. Suitable for demonstrations on interactive whiteboards and for explorations in one-to-one implementations, Sketchpad, TinkerPlots, and Fathom help your teachers integrate technology into math classrooms from grade 3 through AP® Calculus and AP® Statistics.

Our free webinars help teachers discover a whole new way to teach and approach Common Core content. We invite you to learn how Sketchpad, TinkerPlots, and Fathom can help you foster student success.

Sketchpad's dynamic, engaging environment enables modeling with mathematics in grades 3–12. Well known for its applications in geometry, Sketchpad is also an excellent tool for teaching—and exploring—fractions, algebra, calculus, and more.

TinkerPlots enables teachers and students to create colorful, visual representations of information, helping students represent and interpret data. Classroom-tested activities address every standard in the middle school Statistics and Probability strand of the Common Core State Standards.

Fathom supports the Common Core State Standards in the conceptual categories of Statistics and Probability, Algebra, Functions, and Modeling. What's more, Fathom's data analysis tools and science-related data sets make it the perfect compliment to any science class.